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Photography Institute In Kolkata

We are the Best Photography Institute in Kolkata. You can learn photography here with best possible guidance, care and by most modern technique.

Photography plays a very vital role in today’s scenario. It is widely used from space to a family function. When anything needs a proper documentation, photography plays the most important role. But photography needs both technical knowledge as well as aesthetic sense. A good photograph, whether it is documentation or an art-work, needs the balance of both technology and art. Still-Photography is the basic of all forms of photography. Video-photography is nothing but a series of still-photographs. Therefore, it is very much necessary to acquire technical knowledge and aesthetic sense about still-photography.

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving

Bengal Photography Institute is not only teaches Photography, it will try to give an idea of Art-&-Culture to its students through the medium of Photography. Because, Photography is not an isolated subject. Throughout knowledge and concept of Art-&-Culture is very much necessary to produce a good photograph. The concept of art plays a very important role to see the common things in the form of art. And if this concept develops in the mind of students properly, only then it reflects in the works of their photographs. So, different activities related to Art-&-Culture is going on throughout the year in Bengal Photography Institute as a part of nourishment of students in photography. Bengal Photography Institute organises different outdoor photographic activities to cover Fairs and Festivals, Cultures, Rituals, Beauty of Landscapes, Different Human Activities and many more things. That helps students to develop an idea of different activities and their photographic values. This is not only a training schedule confined within the classroom rather to explore the outer world through the Lens. As a part of that, it also helps to develop group activity including leadership quality, sharing and caring others, taking responsibilities and more so, building artistic mind. Therefore, Bengal Photography Institute is absolutely different photography institute from others. It not only gives training on photography, it helps to develop mind to create art. That can be applied in Photography as well as any other field of art as per the capability of individuals.

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